AutoCast Takes Your Chromecast to the Next Level

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Since the release of the Chromecast from Google, every app released for the platform has only allowed the end user to do one thing – cast. AutoCast is a Tasker plug-in that looks to change this up and take the platform to the next level, with features that literally are endless. Users can cast multiple things at once, cast content from different media sharing sites, and even replace the Chromecast’s home screen with something more unique or better suited for them.

The killer feature of AutoCast, at least for me, is Tasker integration. While Tasker generally takes all apps to the next level, the scope of what you can do with AutoCast ridiculously broadens, when you consider integration with the app (provided you have the skill to set it up). You can set your TV up to read your Android notifications to you, have your Pebble control your Chromecast, and overall go crazy with it all. That’s a win.

Another big feature is the ability to cast multiple things at once. Instead of having one thing dominate your huge HDTV, you can have four different things showing up at the same time. Local media casting is also present (you jelly, AllCast?), and that’s explained by the developer in the video below.

[responsive_vid vid_url=”WzmYlpir2Yc”]

AutoCast is available as a demo for free on Google Play, but you will have to drop $1.37 to remove the appended “AutoCast Demo” text you’ll continually see. As mentioned before, the app’s abilities don’t end with what’s mentioned here, and if you are into occasional hackery, you may as well give AutoCast a try.

Play LinksDemo | Paid ($1.37)




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