Verizon Matches AT&T’s $160 10GB Family Plan, Adjusts Discount

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At only a month or so old, Verizon is already adjusting its MORE Everything data plans to better align with their biggest competitor, AT&T. You may recall AT&T’s headline grabbing move at the beginning of February, where it announced its “Best Ever Prices” for a family of four, with a 10GB $160 plan leading the charge. Verizon reached out today to note that they had recently made a move to match this offer. 

Through MORE Everything, customers will now see a discount on smartphone monthly access lines of $25, up from the $20 original discount. In other words, instead of paying $40 per line for a smartphone, you would pay $15 per line per month. Keep in mind that the discount only applies if you also sign-up for EDGE, Verizon’s monthly phone payment plan.

If you do the math on a family of four, assuming all sign up for EDGE, that’s $60 ($15 x 4) in smartphone line access charges, plus $100 for the 10GB data package. So yeah, you are at $160 for a family of four with 10GB of shared data. But again, you also have to sign-up for EDGE and pay the monthly payments on all four phone lines (similar to what AT&T requires – they also give you the discount if you bring your own phone).

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