Nexus 10 Listing on Google Play Changes Status to “Coming Soon”

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Google’s Nexus 10 tablet sold out on Google Play months ago, around the time of the Nexus 5’s introduction. Since, its store pages have almost always contained some form of “we are out of inventory” or “check back later,” like most Google products do when they sell out or are about to be replaced. Today, though, those listings changed and now say “Coming soon” in the area that typically lists out shipping info. The prices for the 16GB and 32GB are also back at $399 and $499, respectively. 

Before we get too excited about the imminent arrival of a new Nexus 10, understand that Google changes Nexus product pages quite regularly. It’s as if they can’t ever figure out exactly what they want the status to be on older, sold out products. But “Coming soon” is a new one that I haven’t seen before. It’s also a bit odd that pricing has returned, since it had been removed for some time.

So what do we think? Is a new Nexus 10 about to arrive? Tough to tell, though it seems odd that Google would put a “coming soon” notice next to a product that has been gone for months. Are they suggesting a re-stock of the old or is a new one about to replace it? We have seen rumors suggest that Samsung, LG, and Asus could all be making it, but none of those rumors have anything backing them.

We’ll keep an eye out. Also, don’t be surprised if Google flips the “Coming soon” back to “We are out of inventory.”

Via:  Google Play



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