Nexus 10 16GB is Now Out of Stock on Google Play

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Uh oh, the 16GB version of the Nexus 10 is showing as “out of inventory” on Google Play. Go ahead, say it, “New Nexus 10 incoming!” Feel better? But is it? Well, we think so, assuming Google decides to push out Android 4.4 and the Nexus 5 through either a press release or at some sort of press event. All rumors certainly point to there also being a Nexus 10 involved in the winter get-together for Google. At least, that’s what happened last year. 

So does the selling out of the 16GB N10 mean anything? Probably, since we really are expecting to hear something from Google any day now. Then again, the stock levels on Google Play devices change often, sometimes within a few minutes of showing as “out of inventory.” With that said, this 16GB tablet has been gone for almost 24 hours now. We’re also seeing the tablet pop up on deal sites with ridiculously low prices on the regular (almost daily), a move that tends to be a sign of something new on the horizon.

We should point out that the 32GB Nexus 10 is indeed still in stock, so if you’d like one, now would be the time. Unless of course, Google decides to cut the price drastically to move final inventory, like they did with the Nexus 4 (How awesome was that?).

We don’t know much about a new Nexus 10, other than we think Asus is going to make it.

Is the Nexus 10 on your radar at all? Is a new one? Are you a Nexus 7 guy or do you like a bigger-screened tablet?

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