Amazon Also Making Android-powered Set-top Box for Gamers, Controller Pictures Leaked

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This morning, a new report is out concerning Amazon, as the online retailer might have plans for its very own living room set-top box for gamers. A couple of pictures for the reported console’s wireless controller have been leaked, showing a pretty square-ish design, as well as buttons that look very similar to those found on Android. 

As we can see on the controller itself in the photos, there is a Home, Back, and Settings button, much like you would see on an Android device, which leads most to believe the console will be running a type of forked Android, just like the Kindle line of tablets.

The console will more than likely be used as a store front for Amazon, as the device will allow gamers/users to access Amazon’s content right from the comfort of their couch. Amazon also has its own Cloud gaming service, for saving game data, accessing game achievements, and much more.

There is no word on when we can see this console hit the market, but with controllers now popping up, it may be soon.

I was giving ASUS a hard time for coming out with a set-top, and I won’t spare Amazon either. The only difference is that Amazon has an entire ecosystem to support the box with, while ASUS doesn’t have squat in terms of its own content for the device. Maybe we’re completely out of touch and set-top boxes are the way of the future.

Your thoughts?

Via: The Verge



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