T-Mobile Celebrates First Anniversary of 4G LTE Rollout, Announces Major Network Upgrade Program

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Less than a single year ago, T-Mobile launched its 4G LTE network in just a handful of markets across the US. Today, the Magenta Monster covers 210 million people in 273 metro areas nationwide with its LTE network. To celebrate this joyous occasion, T-Mobile announced a “major network upgrade plan,” one which will turn most of its 2G/EDGE service areas into an oasis of LTE coverage. 

T-Mobile hopes to complete the bulk of this revamping by mid of this year, with the work set to be complete by the end of next year. For customers who currently only see 2G/EDGE service in their areas, they can expect to see 4G LTE. For those with access already to T-Mo’s LTE, they can now rest assured in knowing they are covered by fast data in even more places.

In addition to pumping up its own network, T-Mobile is striking against Verizon, which is actually quite the change from its usual attacks on AT&T. Now, T-Mobile has taken legal action demanding that Verizon cease and desist the carrier’s network map advertising. The claim is that Verizon has “cherry-picked” a single network technology to base their map advertising on, rather than using an accurate reflection of the many network technologies in use today.

T-Mo kicked off a new marketing campaign to go along with its battle with Big Red, and we have placed the video below.

If you are a T-Mo customer, things are starting to get even better.


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