HTC US President Talks One (2014) Leaks, Broader Device Portfolio in 2014

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It must be hard working at HTC, having to build hype around an upcoming device that has been leaked more times than one can keep track of. Thanks to last year’s One, the Taiwan-based company is beginning to build a recognizable brand that should help the cause, with the HTC America President Jason Mackenzie leading the charge here in the US.

Recently interviewed by CNBC, Jason touches on a few crucial points for the company – excessive leaks, building a broader device portfolio that includes mid-range and pre-paid devices, and a focus on building the best flagship they possibly can. 

In the interview , when Jason brings up that the One was voted Best Smartphone of the Year at MWC in February, he points out that this is a case of “the best getting better” on March 25 – that being the date which is set for the company to unveil the All New One. Funny enough, the CNBC reporter then asks if all of the leaks of the new One have “stolen their thunder.” Seeming somewhat flattered by the amount of leaks, Jason replies that he is happy there is so much excitement over the next One flagship, but denies to comment any further.

The next question asked, which is an area of hurt for HTC, was the matter of smartphone marketshare. HTC’s numbers have been falling fast over the years, thanks to Samsung’s monstrous marketing efforts. Jason relates his company’s releases to that of a Rolex going up against a Timex. Sure, Timex may sell more, but is the quality and passion of craftsmanship to be found in the devices? He continues that HTC has strong carrier/partner support, and that brand recognition for the One is on the uprise. All in all, he’s content that if HTC continues to deliver the better product, the “marketshare will take care of itself.”

To wrap it up, Jason touches quickly on the fact that HTC must pay more attention to two additional sectors in the smartphone arena – pre-paid devices and mid-range devices. They did so last year with the HTC One Mini, so it’s probably a safe bet that we can expect the same device scheme with the All New One in 2014. How exactly HTC wants to attack the pre-paid market here in America, to combat Motorola’s insanely-popular Moto G, remains to be seen.



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