HTC Teases “All New HTC One” and Its “Sleeker” Body

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Poor, HTC. They created this entire series of teaser videos to introduce some hype into their unveiling of the “All New HTC One” aka HTC One (2014) on March 25, and yet we have already seen the phone in a full 12-minute clip thanks to some young kid in Illinois. We still don’t know all there is to know, though, because well, that 12-minute clip was extremely painful to watch and light on details. So HTC is going to continue to plug away as if that video leak during the Oscars never happened. 

In this latest clip, we get the guys in the lab again, talking about the all-metal design of the original One. That, of course, leads into the pixelated teasing of the All New One, which is said to be “sleeker” than ever. The rest is voiced-out.

The previous spot teased BoomSound.




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