Buggy Night is a Followup to the Windy Day Interactive Film for Moto X Owners

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We recall a few months ago when Motorola pushed an interactive film called Windy Day to Moto X owners, and being the privacy-centric folks that Android device owners are, weren’t too happy Moto was sneaking around and installing apps without permission. Once people realized it was a simple cartoon, that was actually quite nice, they decided to lighten up to the idea. Now, Motorola has taken to YouTube this week to upload a trailer for the next film coming to Moto X devices titled, Buggy Night

We don’t get to see too much of what the plot may be in the trailer, but it is definitely the same type of interactive cartoonish animation. And just like Windy Day, you can expect there to be an adorable story to go along with it.

The trailer is listed as “Coming Soon,” so Moto X owners should start keeping an eye on their home screens, looking for another little icon to pop up out of nowhere.

If it shows up on your device soon, let us know.




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