Samsung Takes Everything to the Fifth Power in Galaxy S5 Teaser

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 will arrive on Monday, February 24 at an Unpacked event taking place in Barcelona, Spain, and this is is Samsung’s teaser. Since this is the fifth version of their flagship Galaxy S line, they are taking everything to the fifth power in this 36-second spot.

Words flash across the screen like Together, Explorer, Curiosity, Dad, Peace, Wet, Free, Family, Victory, Connect, Party, Create, Alive, Standout, Social, Outdoor, Moment, Brothers, Courage, Play, Concert, Hangout, Ride, Selfie, Flip, Talent, Dream, Speed, Fit, Fun, Humor, Style, You, and Life. In other words, this is the phone for everything you do in life, from participating in water sports to riding a bike to partying like a rockstar to being a dad. 

Ready for Monday?




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