Nexus 7 to be Sold Through Verizon Starting Next Week, Likely February 13

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According to sources of our own, Verizon will begin to sell the Nexus 7 next week, most likely February 13. In case you haven’t been following, Verizon has been changing its story as to why it has taken so long to certify, sell, and activate the ASUS-made tablet, which has been workable on its network since release last year.

The first reason was because the tablet had not gone through the Verizon certification process, but even after we waited weeks for that, Verizon then stated they were waiting for Google to push an Android update to the device. Regardless of what really happened and why Verizon customers were getting the cold shoulder with the Nexus 7 tablets, it looks as though Big Red is finally ready to start selling through its own channels. 

We weren’t able to catch word on if the tablets will be sold online or in-store, but we will update the post as more info becomes available.

Verizon customers, is this what you have been waiting for?

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