Two Renders of New Samsung-made Nexus 10 Arrive (Updated)

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Update:  These renders were submitted to a handful of sites, including ours. We’d lean on this being fake rather than close to being real. Take it for what it’s worth. Move along.

Are these two pictures of the new Nexus 10 made by Samsung? Industry leaker @evleaks posted up the picture below moments ago with a warning that he couldn’t confirm any of the details as they were sent to him as a tip. His tip suggested that the device will again be made by Samsung (not Asus as has been previously reported) and will feature an Exynos 5 chipset, WQXGA display, 3GB RAM, 16 or 32GB of storage, 5MP rear camera, 3MP front camera, and run Android 4.5. The images also show front-facing speakers and transparent Kit Kat notification and navigation areas.

Sound odd? Well, we received similar information from what may be a separate source within the last 24 hours, but have been sitting on it. 

Sources of our sent us the image you are seeing at the top from an industry inventory system, which appears to be an identical device to the one posted by @evleaks. Our sources also said that the device is listed as running Android 4.5 and will come in both black and white variants.

Clearly, none of this is confirmed at this time and is mostly a complete mystery. With that said, in the past, device renders have shown their version of Android in the clock (ex:  4:30 meant Android 4.3), though that theory went out the door a little bit with hiccups in the release of Android 4.4. This also could be a troll job.

With availability of the current Nexus 10 dropping in and out of stock on Google Play, it seems like the right time to release a new 10-inch tablet. I’m just wondering why we need Android 4.5 already or if Google even has it ready.


evleaks nexus10

Via:  @evleaks



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