LG G2 “Gold Edition” Spotted Overseas – Not Super Baller Status, But Still Nice

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While HTC can afford to pump out 18K Gold One smartphones (/s), other companies tend to opt for a more affordable approach – such as Apple and Samsung who merely paint their devices a gold tone. The next OEM to enter into the gold market appears to be LG, as a G2 in Gold coloring has been spotted overseas in Taiwan. Thanks to a user on ePrice, it appears the device is set to launch soon, for about the same retail price as the Black and White models, which means there isn’t anything too special about the gold being used. 

Unfortunately for Americans, there is no word yet whether we could see this Trinidad James version hit our shores. As of right now, it appears to be an overseas thing only.

While gold is nice, and we are sure plenty of people appreciate its hypnotic values, we wouldn’t mind to see more work going into other materials and colors.

Via: Phone Arena | ePrice



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