Floatifications Updated Through Google Play, Brings Ticker Notification Alert Feature

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If you aren’t currently running Kit Kat, you may know the struggles of being in a fullscreen app or game and receiving a notification, then not being able to view it without first exiting the app. It’s a very frustrating situation, and before the release of Android 4.4, everyone experienced it. However, there were plenty of floating notification apps that came out following the release of Facebook’s Chat Heads that tried to limit that frustration. If you still find yourself wondering what that notification was while playing Candy Crush or watching a YouTube video, you should go check out the recent update that Floatifications received this week on Google Play. 

With the update, a Ticker notification feature has been added, which allows a fully customizable bubble to appear on top of whatever app you are running that will show you the most recent notification to hit your device. It appears right on the top of the screen, so you won’t have to worry about it getting in the way of whatever you are doing. You can tap the bubble, which will then take you to proper source of the notification. If you don’t want to be bothered with it, simply swipe the bubble away or let it disappear on its own. It’s a very straightforward and handy little notifications app.

There is a free trial on Google Play, and after the trial period, users can pay a small amount to experience the full app. Below there is a brief video which shows off the new Ticker feature. Check it out.

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