Video: NVIDIA Demos Next-Gen Tegra K1 Quad-core Processor

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On Sunday at CES in Las Vegas, NVIDIA announced the Tegra K1 next-gen mobile processor. To demonstrate the power of the new 192-core chip, something that seems rather unheard of in mobile processors, we sat down with NVIDIA at its booth to see the Tegra K1 in action. 

NVIDIA has a couple of demos they use to show off powerful chips, one of the strongest being the “Ira” demo. Ira is a computer-generated face, but the amount of detail in the face, with real-time lighting and shadows, puts tremendous strain on a CPU. As we can see in our hands-on video below, Ira appears to be no match for the new Tegra K1. As reference, NVIDIA was showing off the Ira demo back at GDC in 2013 with Project Logan, which was to bring PC-grade performance to mobile devices. As CES this year, NVIDIA’s plans came to fruition.

The real question for us is, when can we have it in our tablets and phones? As of right now, NVIDIA has not yet announced availability or specific OEM partners for the Tegra K1, but hopefully they will come soon. Since the Tegra 4 processor wasn’t widely adopted by the mobile industry in 2013, we hope the Tegra K1 sees more use from product manufacturers in 2014.

Below, we get to see the Tegra K1 power a Tegra Note 7 developer tablet, which features the 192-core processor with 4GB of RAM. It’s quite the powerhouse unit.




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