T-Mobile: Customer Data Proves We Have the Fastest 4G LTE Network in the U.S.

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During T-Mobile’s UnCarrier 4.0 event that wrapped earlier this afternoon, T-Mobile made a bold new claim:  they now have the fastest 4G LTE network in the land. Don’t worry (or maybe you should) though, they didn’t use an outside firm or “highly paid industry consultants” to collect their data. No sir, they used data straight from consumers and testing through the ever-popular Ookla Speedtest app

According to their “independent analysis of the NetMetrics Reports provided by Speedtest.net,” T-Mobile speeds averaged out to 17.8Mbps, which was ahead of Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. Their tests also show AT&T averaging 14.7Mbps and Verizon at 14.3Mbps. Sprint dropped in at around 7Mpbs, well below the others.

Call it official or their own take on it, T-Mobile is standing by this idea. CEO John Legere joked (at least I think it was a joke) on stage during their announcement that he was going to send AT&T a Cease & Desist letter to make them take down all of their advertisements that suggest they are the faster network. Should be fun to see that playout.

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In related news, T-Mobile mentioned that their LTE network now covers more than 209 million people and is in 43 of the top 50 markets. Well, that would be there 10+10 LTE network. What they really wanted to talk about was upgrading their network 20+20 LTE. They currently have North Dallas launched as their first 20+20 LTE market, with plans for expansion.

The 20+20 LTE network is capable of measured download speeds of 147Mbps and uplink speeds of up to 40Mbps, according to T-Mobile’s test. In even better news, all of their current devices will have access to this network once it reaches them. That’s not the case for Verizon who is currently upgrading their LTE network by utilizing AWS spectrum on band 4. Only some of Verizon’s new phones are AWS-ready.

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And there you have it, T-Mobile’s big news from today.

Care to challenge their speedtests?

Customer Data Proves T-Mobile Network Now Fastest 4G LTE in the U.S.

Millions of customer speed tests using the popular Ookla Speedtest app prove T-Mobile LTE is fastest nationwide

LAS VEGAS – Jan. 8, 2014 – Carriers love to make claims about whose network is fastest or most reliable. The claims often sound the same because they’re typically produced in much the same way – using highly paid industry consultants and drive test data.

T-Mobile US, Inc. (NYSE: TMUS) decided to take a more transparent path than the competition and use mobile data speed tests collected from real consumers[i] using the popular Ookla Speedtest app. T-Mobile’s analysis of the results are clear, and the Un-carrier announced today that its nationwide 4G LTE network is the fastest in the country, according to millions of real-time speed tests involving more than 1 million consumers.

The company also revealed the continued rapid expansion of its nationwide LTE network to reach 209 million people, with 43 of the top 50 markets now served by 10+10 MHz LTE.

“Finally we agree with AT&T on something: Faster is better,” said John Legere, president and chief executive officer of T-Mobile. “I warned the competition this day would come, and millions of speed tests from real people using their own phones prove it: T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G LTE network is the fastest network in the nation – bar none.”

According to actual test results performed by consumers on Speedtest, T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G LTE network delivers not only the highest average network speeds of all U.S. wireless providers, with 17.8 Mbps, but also delivers more consistently fast 4G LTE speeds than any other carrier.

More customers than ever before can take advantage of these speeds because T-Mobile’s continually expanding nationwide 4G LTE network now extends to 273 metro areas, including 95 of the top 100. T-Mobile’s fastest nationwide 4G LTE network already outperforms the competition, and in areas with 10+10 MHz, T-Mobile has measured download speeds of up to 72 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 27 Mbps, including New York, Chicago, Miami and San Francisco. At those speeds, customers could download a 90-minute high-definition (HD) movie in five and a half minutes or a whole music album in 13 seconds.

“T-Mobile is laser-focused on giving customers the best network experience possible,” said Neville Ray, chief technology officer for T-Mobile. “First we deployed nationwide LTE at breakneck speed, covering more than 200 million people in just six months. Now, we’re adding more and more spectrum to this footprint and have commenced the launch of our Wideband LTE service, doubling already best-in-class speeds.”

With the launch of T-Mobile Wideband LTE in North Dallas last November, T-Mobile beat another company milestone, delivering 20+20 MHz LTE ahead of 2014, which is capable of peak download speeds of 150 Mbps. T-Mobile has measured download speeds of 147 Mbps and uplink speeds of up to 40 Mbps in North Dallas, meaning customers could download a 90-minute HD movie in under three minutes or a whole music album in 7 seconds.

As the company continues to expand T-Mobile Wideband LTE, every T-Mobile customer with an LTE device will be able to experience a speed boost. In addition, customers with the latest LTE-capable devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Nexus 5 and LG G2 can take advantage of the maximum speeds available from T-Mobile Wideband LTE powered by 20+20 MHz LTE.

T-Mobile also announced several additions to its portfolio of devices that can take advantage of T-Mobile Wideband LTE at low upfront costs, including:

LG G Flex – T-Mobile will launch the world’s first curved, flexible smartphone[ii] from LG Electronics – the LG G Flex – which offers a more reassuring grip and fit as well as an outstanding voice and sound experience because the distinctively curved design follows the contour of the face. Pricing and availability will be shared soon.
Samsung Galaxy Tab® 3 (7.0) – The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is the latest Android(TM) tablet in T-Mobile’s 4G LTE device portfolio. T-Mobile customers receive 200 MB of free data each month with the Galaxy Tab 3 for as long as they own the tablet. The Galaxy Tab 3, which will cost $0 down with 24 equal monthly device payments of $13[iii], will be available online via www.T-Mobile.com beginning Jan. 9 and at participating stores on Jan. 15.
Sony Xperia® Z1S – T-Mobile is again exclusively partnering with Sony to bring its latest flagship smartphone – the Xperia Z1S – to customers. The slim and durable smartphone features an outstanding 20.7 megapixel camera in a waterproof[iv] design with a 5-inch full-HD TRILUMINOS display. The Xperia Z1S will be available for $0 down with 24 equal monthly device payments of $22iii with a Simple Choice Plan. Pre-register to order the device today, with an online pre-sale kicking off Jan. 13 at www.T-Mobile.com and nationwide availability in participating T-Mobile stores and online starting Jan. 22.
For more information, visit the T-Mobile newsroom.

About T-Mobile US, Inc.:
As America’s Un-carrier, T-Mobile US, Inc. (NYSE: “TMUS”) is redefining the way consumers and businesses buy wireless services through leading product and service innovation. The company’s advanced nationwide 4G LTE network delivers outstanding wireless experiences for customers who are unwilling to compromise on quality and value. Based in Bellevue, Wash., T-Mobile US provides services through its subsidiaries and operates its flagship brands, T-Mobile and MetroPCS. For more information, please visit http://www.t-mobile.com.

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