Qualcomm’s AllPlay Technology Heading to Consumer Devices Later This Year

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Establishing a new technological standard in today’s world is very hard to do. Qualcomm’s work on their AllPlay service is looking to create a open-source standard for wireless music transfer that can compete with Apple’s AirPlay service. Qualcomm announced at this week’s CES that we should start seeing hardware devices with AllPlay installed before the end of the year. 

Some of the companies that have already showed their support for hardware are Panasonic and Altec Lansing. These companies, and hopefully more to come, will build in AllPlay support so that when your Android or iOS device senses the speakers in the house on your WiFi connection you can connect seamlessly. It works a lot like Chromecast, but centered around music between home speakers.

Some of the other partners announced at CES are iHeartRadio, Rhapsody, Napster, DoubleTwist, Grooveshark, TuneIn, and SomaFM. Once these companies update their apps and you set up your AllPlay speakers, sharing music should be as easy as tapping a button. Time remains to be seen if AllPlay becomes more widely accepted, but a non-platform specific solution like this is very enticing.

Via: The Verge



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