Moto X Actually Has an Awesome Green Notification Light Hidden Under the Earpiece

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While Active Notifications may be one of the coolest parts of owning a Moto X, it was a little bit hard for some Android users to give up the notification LED light they grew to love so much. Thanks to some intrepid hackers over at XDA, not only did we find that the Moto X has a notification LED, but it can be enabled at your will with root permissions and some Tasker code. 

This elusive LED light has been hiding in plain sight the whole time. As programmed by Motorola, we are only supposed to see this alien-like green LED come on when the device is so extremely low on battery that it can’t even power up the screen to show you the “low battery” symbol. That is a pretty boring use for a notification light that looks so cool, so a thread popped up on figuring out how to harness this power.

XDA user carock figured out a string of commands that you could plug into Tasker to control this LED whenever you wanted it. Root is a necessity though, so do not go trying this if you do not already have your device rooted. However, if you have that and feel comfortable with Tasker set-up, we have a video that walks you through getting this set up. As always with rooting, be aware of what you are getting into before deciding to tackle this project.

Would you use something like this if Motorola allowed you to toggle between this and Active Notifications?


Via: XDA



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