Audi and AT&T Unveil 4G LTE for 2015 A3 Sedans

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At a press event last night during CES, AT&T and Audi announced 4G LTE connectivity for cars. Stating that LTE will be available in the 2015 A3 sedans, car buyers can simply attach their vehicle to a current Mobile Share data plan through AT&T, making it easy to manage all of the data that is streamed to your whip. 

Audi is teaming up with AT&T to build of a suite of software which should take advantage of the new mobile connectivity, such as a better infotainment system and apps like Facebook, Twitter, personalized RSS news feeds, and lots more. To top it off, the car will act as its own WiFi hotspot, allowing passengers to connect to the data and stream whatever content they would like.

The new Audi connect 4G LTE service will allow faster Google Earth™ and Google Street View enhancements to Audi MMI navigation plus. The 4G LTE connectivity will also provide faster downloads and high-definition video streaming for up to eight devices used by passengers over the in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot.

While drivers are more distracted on the road than ever before, we hope Audi and AT&T are thinking a lot of about safety. We wouldn’t want anyone crashing a new Audi because they were busy tweeting from their dashboard.

Audi commented that as time passes and more car models are released, 4G LTE will become a regular option for buyers.

The future – ain’t it great?

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