thingCHARGER Obliterates IndieGogo Funding Goal, Looks to Change How Your Outlet Works When Charging Devices

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Crowd funding has given us a lot of very cool gadgets over the past few years and the latest one looks to change how we charge our electronic devices. thingCHARGER has been making the media rounds for a while now, consequently passing their original $25,000 IndieGogo goal. With 11 days left to go, thingCHARGER has raised a whopping $500,000 for their new product. 

thingCHARGER looks to do wireless charging in a different way. Their product is a plug-in device that sits over-top of your wall outlet and features interchangeable tops that allow for different gadgets to be charged on top of it without the need of a cable. iPhones, Androids and other devices can be plugged into the top of the thingCHARGER while still giving you access to your outlet plugs. You can stack multiple thingCHARGERS on top of each as well to create a multi-pronged charging dock. It’s a pretty interesting take on changing how electronic charging works and they have created plenty of enthusiasm for their product.

You can get your hands on a thingCHARGER for just $29 if you get on their IndieGogo campaign before it finishes. If you think you’ll need more than one, they also have bundle packages, like a 2-for-1 at $58 and a 5-for-3 at  $87.

If you are safe with balancing your tablet or phone on top of your outlet charger, hit the link below to check out thingCHARGER.


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