Video: LG Shows Off “Self Healing” Back and Durability of the G Flex

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G Flex

Since its unveiling, LG has touted the “Self Healing” backside of the G Flex, which features a special coating that helps the device stay in pristine condition even after being lightly scratched up. The video LG posted this morning shows just what type of treatment the G Flex can take, and we must say, it’s quite impressive. 

Not only can the device take some scratching (you kinky phone, you) and come out looking new, but the device appears to be extremely durable, with LG throwing on weights and bending the display to a flat state. Then, once the weight is removed, it pops right back up into its curved positioning.

Hoping to buy the G Flex here in the States? According to evleaks, we should see the device sometime in the future on AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Once more info is made available, we will post it.

Check out the G Flex torture session down below.



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