Samsung Shipped 130.1 Million Phones Last Quarter – Beat Apple, LG, and Nokia Combined

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Whether you hate it or love it, Samsung has pretty much single-handedly grown Android by an immense amount over the last couple of years. Before the Galaxy S2 and Note line came along, Samsung was just like any other OEM, carrying on much like Motorola and LG, with Apple way out in front in terms of global marketshare. There was simply nothing to compete against the giant. Jump to Q3 of 2013, and Samsung has shipped 130.1 million devices in a single quarter, beating out phone manufacturers like Apple, Nokia, and LG combined. Yes, combined. 

According to a recently released report from Strategy Analytics, Samsung captured 29% of the globe’s phone market, with a 7% jump in shipments over last year’s Q3. Somewhat surprisingly, Nokia captured 2nd place with 15.5%, while Apple came in at 8% and LG with 4.4% of the global market. Huawei came in 5th, and unfortunately, HTC was placed in the “other” category.

With the rate Samsung is churning out phones (and folks already hyping the Galaxy S5 release), we know they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but what’s the next step? They have dominated global device shipment, so where do they go from here if not higher? Could we see another changing of the guard in the next few years with a different OEM?


Via: CNET | Strategy Analytics

*Note – clarified some of the original post to show “shipments” and “phones” rather than “sales” and “smartphones.”



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