Nexus 5 Gets the Full Hands-on Treatment in 7-minute Video

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Hello, massive Saturday leak. Just across the wire, we’ve got a 7-minute in-depth overview and look at the Nexus 5. We’re updating below as we see things, so join in. We’ll have more later. 


  • The device is called “Nexus 5” in the About phone screen. That helps solidify the name, but you just never know with Google. For now or until we hear “Nexus 4 (2013)” used, we’ll continue to use Nexus 5.
  • I’d say it’s pretty obvious that this phone is an early prototype and not a finished product. It doesn’t even say “Nexus” on the back. It looks a lot like the unfinished version of the phone we saw in FCC docs. Google and LG will obviously clean it up before launch.
  • This phone is running a “KeyLimePie” build of Android 4.4, but it appears to be incredibly early. None Some of the new Kit Kat UI changes appear (leaked earlier in the week) just not all of them. We are seeing the “Payments” option in the Settings menu. But we aren’t fully seeing the revamped home launcher, lock screen, app drawer or new icons for a variety of apps.
  • Update:  It does appear to be the new launcher, but it hasn’t been skinned to match the leaks from earlier in the week. We are seeing the new dot page-indicators for home screens, and the Apps and Widgets sections in the app drawer are gone.
  • The Messaging app is gone, hopefully meaning that Hangouts will become the all-in-one message app.
  • There is an app called GEL Sub, which could be the new launcher, rumored to be called “Google Experience Launcher.”
  • We’re looking at a phone with 16GB of storage.
  • The video comes to us courtesy of, though I’m not sure it was supposed to have gone public yet.

Cheers Jordan and Shashi!



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