Android 4.4 “Kit Kat” Won’t Waterproof Your Phone Either

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waterproof ios7

Guess what, a software update can’t actually waterproof your phone. A phone (at least any of today’s current models) can’t sense “changes in thermo-distribution” and shut your phone down should it come in contact with water. What am I referring to? This week’s iOS 7 waterproofing debacle of course.¬†

For those not familiar, a fake ad that spread across these vast interwebs over the weekend claimed that an update to iOS 7 would waterproof your phone and that “Apple’s warranty policy” covers it. Users who upgraded then decided it was a good idea to test this new magic waterproofing. You can imagine the outcome. This story has so many¬†lulz in it.

Not that we would ever expect you to believe that a software update could physically change the hardware of a smartphone, we just want to make sure it’s clear before something similar¬†potentially happens when Android 4.4Kit Kat” is released in the coming months, that you are covered. OK, that’s mostly a lie. We really just wanted to take this opportunity to laugh at those who updated to iOS 7 this week and then proceeded to dunk their phones in water.

Cheers Josh!



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