Video: BBM for Android Receives Hands-on Tour

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Well, there it is – BBM for Android. Thanks to a beta build shown off on video over the weekend, we now know what to expect from Blackberry’s formerly popular instant messaging client outside of a release date. It’s a Blackberry 10-esque version of Blackberry Messenger that works on Android. You’ve got group chats, emoticons, NFC contact sharing, an ongoing BBM icon notification (in case you forgot it was running), and even that snazzy little BBM notification sound. 

So yeah, it’s just another IM client in a world filled with too many IM clients. Blackberry had their chance to port this over years ago to other platforms when it was relevant and make it fly, but refused as they continued grasping at straws. At this point, all a BBM release to Android or iOS would do is help kill off Blackberry’s smartphone business as it’s simply another excuse for Blackberry users to jump ship.

We still aren’t sure if this is going to come to Samsung devices initially or if Blackberry will open it up onto the Play store. We really don’t care all that much, to tell you the truth. Google Hangouts and the other dozen or so IM clients we have had at our fingertips for years are working just fine.

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