DROID ULTRA, MAXX, and Mini Owners – Don’t Forget About Your Free 6-Month Google Music All Access Subscription

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When Motorola announced its new line of DROID phones for Verizon – the ULTRA, Maxx, and Mini – they mentioned a special promo that would give new owners of each device a free 6-month subscription to Google’s All Access music service. Now that each device has been released, we’re hearing from a handful of owners (mostly of the MAXX) who are trying to receive the free 6-month offer and failing. In fact, they aren’t finding the offer anywhere other than in listings on Verizon’s page for each phone. So how can you get the free 6 months? 

If you are currently an All Access member, the waters here are a little murky. With that said, if you have yet to give All Access a chance, you can simply open the Google Music app to be greeted with the 6-month offer, as seen in the screenshot above that I just took from an ULTRA. All you have to do is tap the “Try it FREE” button, enter some credit card information, and be on your way to enjoying free music. It’s that simple.

Now, if you are a member of All Access, we’re not sure if you can try it free for 6 months or not. I know that’s not the answer you were looking for, but it has been difficult to find an actual answer. Some customer service reps claim that you can’t receive the 6 free months if you are already a member, while others claim that you should just automatically get 6 months for free without being billed (if that makes any sense). We’ve even had readers say that by calling customer service, they were able to get a credit to their account that amounts to the total of an All Access subscription for 6 months. That’s probably not going to happen for everyone, so we don’t necessarily recommend going that route.

We’ll reach out to Verizon to see how they plan to get the free 6 months to current subscribers, or if it’s even available to them. In the mean time, if you have yet to try it, should have no problem getting your free trial started.



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