Try Out the Open Beta of Rising Empires, a 4x Turn-Based Game for Android

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Rising Empires

We know how much everyone loves a good beta, so if you are in the mood to test out a new turn-based strategy game, go download Rising Empires from Google Play. The game features six races, each of which have different abilities, giving gamers a unique experience each time they play. Your goal is to create a large empire, keep your population happy and master your race’s combat abilities by destroying your enemies. 

As mentioned, the game is an open beta, so the developers are asking for active feedback if you have the time to spare it. So far, for a 4x turn-based strategy game, the ratings are quite solid at 4.2 stars. Not bad at all. You can find tutorials on how to get started playing by following the via link below. Let us know what you think if you give it a whirl.

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Via: Rising Empires Forum | Games Press



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