New Nexus 7 “razor” Factory Images and Binaries Now Posted

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Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 3.18.17 PM

After a little drama earlier in the week, the factory images for the new Nexus 7 “razor” are now live. The binaries too. We’re looking at Android 4.3, build JSS15J.

Feel free to download the factory images and store them in a safe place – you never know when you might need to flash your device back to stock. If you need instructions on how to flash factory images, hit up this guide of ours. As for the binaries, leave those for the developers in the building. 

If you are confused by the name “razor” since you have also seen us refer to the new Nexus 7 as “flo,” I’ll try to explain. Each Nexus device is essentially given two names:  a device name and a product name. Take for example the Galaxy Nexus LTE. You’ll see it often referred to as “toro” which is the device name, but in the software updates for it, it is referred to as “mysid” aka the product name. So for the new Nexus 7, we have a product name of “razor” and a device name of “flo.” Product names are typically listed with factory images since they are tied to the software of the device.

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