Koush Builds Chromecast Into CyanogenMod Framework, Any App With Video or Audio Can Cast

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If you haven’t yet, go order a Chromecast from Google and deal with the 2-3 week wait period. This device, at $35, is going to be the ultimate media sharing tool in the coming months once non-partner developers are allowed to publicly distribute apps that have Cast support built into them. Take for example all of the work that Koush has been spamming off on his Google+ page.

It initially started off with him showing how you could stream on-device video and pictures to Chromecast, but the functionality he has produced over the last week has increased dramatically. He went from casting Dropbox to RSS video to now showing Cast support built into the framework of CyanogenMod. With this new trick, he demonstrates being able to Cast from any app that plays video or audio through the MediaPlayer.

Watch the clip and you’ll understand how powerful this is. Rather than waiting for app developers to build in Cast support themselves, this essentially enables the functionality without their work.

Via:  +Koush

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