Tiny Thief, The Most Adorable Game About Larceny, On Sale for $0.99

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tiny thief

A game with a good art style and a bit of humor can go a long way. Tiny Thief from the team at Rovio Stars is just one of those games and has won a lot of people over. You play as the unnamed Tiny Thief on a quest to fight for the little guy and take back the riches from the corrupt and greedy.

The game doesn’t really feature action scenes, but rather presents each level as a puzzle that you have to navigate on your way to the goods without getting caught. Rovio has the game on sale right now for only $0.99 and is definitely worth checking out if you need a new game to get into. Many of you in the comments on earlier Tiny Thief stories said you would check it out if it were less, so now’s your chance.

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