Rymdkapsel Lands on Android, A Fantastic Strategy Game That is Highly Addictive

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As if to torture you, here is another story that has nothing to do with the Moto X. Recently launched onto Google Play is Rymdkapsel. It reminds us a lot of games like Starcraft and Warcraft, as you begin with nothing, then must create a blossoming colony from gathering resources and expanding your space platform. But watch out! There are regular alien attacks on your base that aren’t going to let you build as peacefully as you would like.┬áTo fight back, you must build up your defenses.

The gameplay is smooth and fun, bringing easy-on-the-eye colors and shapes that give off a pretty relaxing feel. It’s $3.99, so check out the trailer below and see if this game is worth the investment for you.

Play Link ($3.99)



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