Unlocked HTC One Sees Price Increase From $575 to $600

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Over on the HTC store, the unlocked variant of the One has seen an increase in price, from $574.99 to $599.99. There is no official word on why the device got a $25 bump in the tag, but we are looking towards this being related to matching the upcoming “Nexus Experience” edition, which is to launch on June 26 for $599.99 on Google Play. It certainly would have not made much sense for HTC and Google to offer the “Nexus experience” for an additional $25 over the original Sense version, especially if they plan to allow owners of the Sense version to remove Sense for the stock experience

Both the unlocked and Nexus Experience variants are 32GB models, so this seems to make the most sense. The NE edition will work on AT&T and T-Mobile’s networks, so anyone deciding on which version to buy will basically only have to choose if they want vanilla Android or Sense 5.0 on their device. Options are good, even if those options are now more expensive than they were a couple of days ago.

Via: HTC

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