Video: This Guy’s “Voice-Controlled Home” is Freakin’ Sweet

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The video above is currently making the Interwebz rounds this morning, showing a tenacious gentleman who has programmed his home’s tech and lighting to be completely controlled by his voice. Using apps like Tasker for his Google TV and VeraLite controllers for the lighting, he is able to set the mood in his living room with a single phrase. Trust me, you need to watch this.¬†

Naturally, everyone and their mother was asking how to get this into their home. Here is the man behind the camera explaining how he got this up and running.

Gladly, most of the work is being done by a new Tasker plugin called AutoVoice. I’ve tied the AutoVoice Recognize task to the Google Now swipe up.

There are a few dozen Tasker profiles setup listening for certain words and phrases, which call upon predefined tasks. These tasks vary from individual light toggles, to predefined “scenes”, triggers for the Phone itself and AutoRemote messages received by the GoogleTV, also running Tasker.

Yatse is responsible for controlling the PC running XBMC, fed through the Google TV. I can call upon movies, music or TV shows, play/pause and request volume adjustments.

The Home Automation side is controlled by a Micasaverde VeraLite home controller, pushing Z-Wave switches and modules. Android communicates with the Vera through AutHomationHD, a third party app in the Play Store via Tasker.

Let me know if you have any more questions, this setup is easy to implement and program. If you can handle Tasker, the rest is cake.

I would love something like this going on in my place, but doesn’t that just sound like a lot of work? Maybe I’m just lazy and would rather flick a switch or two.

Pretty righteous though, right?

Via: Reddit

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