Knife That Guy for Android, an Interesting Game That is Extremely Addictive

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Knife That Guy

Stop what you are doing and go check out Knife That Guy. This game has been live on Google Play for almost a month from an indie developer and as it sits, it is still only between just 100-500 downloads. In the game you take to a dance floor with one goal, which is to cut up the guy with the red arrow on his head. As you knife him more and more, the game speeds up and there are more obstacles (other people) for you to move around to get to your target. 

Each other person on the dance floor has their own little personality, some of whom try to get in your way to be stabbed. Although, if you stab them, you lose points on your health bar, which when put at zero means you die. We can’t have that.

It’s $0.99 on Google Play, but you’ll find it is the best dollar ever spent. You’ll hear me talk about it tonight on the DL Show.

Play Link ($0.99)



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