First Ever Google Glass “Explorer Edition” Unboxing Hits the Web

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With Google Glass “Explorer Editions” becoming available for early adopters as early as this week, it only makes sense that someone would unbox theirs. It didn’t take long, but sure enough, the first ever Google Glass unboxing is now available. It’s shot with what appears to be a 4fps webcam, so prepare yourselves for a screaming headache once the clip has completed. But you will get to see the clever packaging, tour of the device, and accessories included.

Also, if you pop around Google+ and search for “Google Glass,” you are bound to find all sorts of clips and photos of these new Explorer Editions. Prepare to be overwhelmed by people with robotic accessories attached to their heads.

Even I have to admit that I’m more interested in Glass now than I have ever been. Maybe it’s jealousy because it’s in the hands of actual humans, I don’t know. What I do know is that I cannot wait for Google I/O to arrive. 

Here is a second video of the same guy unboxing his Google Glass, while wearing Glass. Glassception.



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