Google Releases Further Details About Google Fiber Rollout in Austin, TX

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It was made official yesterday that Google Fiber would be coming to Austin, Texas. While I don’t find it fair at all, the folks down there are as excited as ever, and Google is finally releasing more details about the roll out. According to their post, homes won’t begin to be setup until mid-2014. That seems like quite the wait, but it should be completely worth it. 

Our goal is to start connecting homes in Austin by mid-2014. Customers there will have a similar choice of products as our customers in Kansas City: Gigabit Internet or Gigabit Internet plus our Google Fiber TV service with nearly 200 HD TV channels. We’re still working out pricing details, but we expect them to be roughly similar to Kansas City.

Also, as in Kansas City, we’re going to offer customers a free Internet connection at 5 mbps for 7 years, provided they pay a one-time construction fee. We’re also planning to connect many public institutions as we build in Austin— schools, hospitals, community centers, etc. — at a gigabit for no charge. If you live in Austin and want to sign up for more information, please visit our website.

To go along with the announcement, Google released a video for the occasion. There is even a shot of Sergey Brin in there, but I am pretty sure it’s his doppelgänger since he isn’t wearing Google Glass. No way can that be him.

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