UK Retailer: Samsung Galaxy S4 Most Pre-registered Device in History

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GALAXY S4 Product Image (5)

According to UK retailer Carphone Warehouse, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was the most pre-registered device in the company’s history, which we are assuming includes the iPhone. Their pre-registration process does not mean that customers have pre-ordered the device, it simply means that they signed up to receive more information as it becomes available. When compared to the launch of the Galaxy S3, Carphone Warehouse said that Galaxy S4 pre-registrations quadrupled. 

Whether or not you think the phone is a big enough change over the Galaxy S3, it’s tough to deny the brand that Samsung has created which will in turn likely mean record sales of the Galaxy S4. With a handful of new software features, a ridiculous Broadway musical unveiling that was streamed for the world, and the buzz of being “cool,” there may be no stopping this phone in 2013.

We spent some quality time with the GS4 last week, so be sure to check it all out:


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