HTC Extends $100 Gift Card/Trade-In Offer to Upgrade to the HTC One

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htc one official2

When the HTC One was announced a few weeks ago, the company made an offer to potential buyers that included $100 to people who upgraded to the new flagship device. The offer disappeared pretty quickly after the launch, but for some reason is back now on their site for new sign-ups.

How it works is you sign up on HTC’s website and buy the One before a date determined by HTC. After your purchase, you send HTC your old phone and the proof of purchase of your new One and HTC will either send you a $100 gift card or the trade-in value of your phone, whichever is greater.

At this point, signing up for the deal allows you to wait until April 26 to buy your new phone. If the rumor from earlier this week is true, the One will be reaching Verizon sometime this month, and customers could hop on this deal to make the ease of switching easier.

If the One comes to Verizon with this deal on the table, would you consider it against the Galaxy S4?


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