DashClock Extensions: The “Best of” List

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dashclock extensions

Over the last couple of weeks, DashClock has quickly become one of the most talked about Android apps of the last year. Developed by Android engineer Roman Nurik, the app takes the simplicity of the stock Android lock screen clock and then expands its capabilities by allowing it to display all sorts of information through DashClock Extensions. The brilliance of the app comes by way of being open source, which allows other developers to create extensions of their apps that work within DashClock. 

For example, in the picture above, you can see that I have added an extension that displays my battery status at all times. I also have extensions that shows me Google Voice messages that I have yet to check and unread counts of Tweets in Falcon Pro, . There are Facebook and Twitter extensions, ones for standard text messaging, all sorts for accomplishing tasks, and even some that allow you to launch any app of your choosing.

The extensions are being released by the day, so we thought we’d do our best to capture them in a rolling post.


  • Sound Search:  App launches Google Sound Search to help you find music currently playing. [Play Link]
  • NowPlaying:  Shows currently playing track from a number of popular music apps. [Play Link]
  • Music:  Shows the currently playing track, album, and artist. Works w/ a variety of music apps. [Play Link]
  • TV Show Favs:  Shows upcoming or recent episodes, or the next unwatched episode. [Play Link]


  • Hangouts:  Shows Hangouts information, like unread message count for conversations. [Play Link]
  • Hangouts:  Another Hangouts extension that others prefer.  [Play Link]
  • Google Voice Extension:  Displays unread message counts and last message received. [Play Link]
  • Sliding Messaging:  Shows an unread messages count. [Play Link]


  • Press:  Shows you unread counts for articles from your feeds. [Play Link]
  • RSS Viewer:  Add any RSS feed to DashCock. [Play Link]
  • Deer Reader:  Displays unread count from articles in your feeds. [Play Link]


  • Dialer:  Will directly dial a chosen contact of choice. [Play Link]
  • Contacts:  Allows you to call, sms, or view contacts with a single touch. [Play Link]


  • Google Talk:  Shows number of new messages received in Google Talk. [Play Link]
  • Facebook:  Displays how many Facebook notifications you have. [Play Link]
  • Plume:  Lets you see the count of unreads tweets in Plume. [Play Link]
  • Falcon Pro:  Displays unread count of Tweets, mentions, and direct messages. [Play Link]
  • QuickTweets:  Shows latest Tweets and direct messages received. [Play Link]
  • WhatsApp:  Shows number of new messages, expande view with details. [Play Link]


  • PushBullet:  Shows the number of pushes along with a preview of your most recent push. [Play Link]
  • Battery Extension: Shows battery charging level, state, time on battery or charging and more. [Play Link]
  • App Launcher:  Provides an easy way to launch any application right away from your lock screen. [Play Link]
  • Tasks (NoNonsense Notes):  Pairs with NoNonsense Notes to show you today’s tasks. [Play Link]
  • K-9 Unread:  Shows unread count from K-9 mail client. [Play Link]
  • Sunrise Extension:  Shows sunset and sunrise times for your current location. [Play Link]
  • AnyDash:  Shows notifications from any app of your choosing. [Play Link]
  • Extensioner:  Allows you to create your own extensions. [Play Link]
  • WorldClock:  Shows time in another city anywhere in the world. [Play Link]
  • Any.Do:  Displays tasks due for today. [Play Link]


  • Eye in the Sky:  One of the best weather apps, now has a DashClock extension. [Play Link]
  • Weather Alerts:  Displays weather watches, warnings, and advisories for your current location.[Play Link]

Found any others that we should list?

We’ll continue to update this list over time. Last update April 22, 2013.



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