Friday Poll: Custom ROM or Stock?

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After the original DROID had finished its run as the top Android phone on Earth and we started to see new phones touch down on what seemed like a weekly basis, we also starting seeing a dip in the development scene. With so many phones, it was tough to pinpoint the best ROMs, best developers, and in our case, cover it on a regular basis. Also, phones these days are so incredibly powerful, that we rarely have to worry about overclocking to get better performance, tweak kernels to extend battery life (outside of the Galaxy Nexus), and remove custom OEM skins to fix a device. We understand that there is still an amazing ROM scene that is producing incredible features, but it’s just not as tight as it once was.

So as we do often, we will ask the status of your phone. Are you running a custom ROM or is your phone stock? And if you’d like, feel free to list out your device and specific ROM in the comments. If you are stock, be sure to tell us why.

Custom ROM or Stock?

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