Love Video Game Achievements? Get Them for Your Phone with Phonechievements

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Achievements and trophies are half the fun of video games these days. If you do something special in-game you get a little notification telling you of your accomplishment which then allows you to show them off to your buddies to tell them that you’re better than they are. Phonechievements looks to bring those bragging rights to your Android device.

The app is simple – install it and then let it scan your phone for achievements that you might already have unlocked. The achievements range from simple ones like “Initiation” which requires you place 10 calls that were answered. And then there are achievements like the “Felix Baumgartner” which wants you to get above 9,000 meters elevation and allow the app to get a GPS fix. If you’re curious to see how many achievements you already have unlocked, hit the Play Link below.

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