Verizon to Launch Share Everything Plans for Small Businesses on January 24

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Today, Verizon became the “first carrier to offer shared data plans for business” after announcing that Share Everything for businesses will launch on January 24. These new shared data plans are being sold as a way to manage multiple employee accounts on a much simpler level. Rather than managing individual plans, your company can have one big bucket of data to pull from. 

The plans are targeting businesses that need accounts with 25 or less employees. There are options for larger companies, but if you fit the 10 to 25 employee mold, you’ll be able to choose from three specific plans:  30GB for $225, 40GB for $300, and 50GB for $375. These Share Everything plans also come with the same unlimited talk and text that the consumer plans include.

I don’t know about you, but don’t these prices seem semi-reasonable when compared to the non-business plans? Say you have 15 employees and go with the 50GB package for $375 – that’s over 3GB per user. If each individual had their own separate line with unlimited data at $30 per, you’d hit $450, but without the unlimited talk and text. Also, with consumer Share Everything plans, you see prices starting at $50 for 1GB of data, while if you calculate 50GB from $375 you get a price of $7.50 per GB.

Obviously, the price per GB goes down as you up your limit on both consumer and business accounts, but these big 40GB and 50GB plans seem like decent deals depending on the number of employees you plan on attaching. I guess it’s good to be a business client of Big Red.

Full pricing info can be found at Verizon’s site.



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