Consumer Reports Marks Apple’s iPhone 5 the Worst of the Best

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iPhone 5 Consumer Reports

In a recent report, it looks like Apple’s iPhone 5 is losing its grip on the everyday consumer. According to Consumer Reports, the iPhone 5 is now listed as the lowest rated top 3 smartphone on each carrier, minus T-Mobile who haven’t had the device on their network. Topping the lists are the Samsung Galaxy S3 for T-Mobile, the LG Optimus G for AT&T and Sprint, and the RAZR HD’s for Verizon. Crazy enough, the iPhone didn’t even make it onto Big Red’s list, which is actually quite surprising. 

How Consumer Reports handle their rating of said devices is unknown to me, but it is great to see Android becoming the forerunner in smartphone operating systems. Android devices have certainly come a very long way in terms of consumer praise and advancements in both software and hardware since the days of iPhone supremacy.

Guess it’s time to start awaiting the iPhone 5S and the magical features it will wield.

Via: Business Insider



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