No Droid Life Show Tonight, Last Week’s Episode a Fine Replacement

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If you missed last week’s episode of The Droid Life Show, then you may have missed out on our announcement that this week’s show has been cancelled. With it being a short week and all, along with the holidays and lack of important news, we thought we’d take the week off and prepare for an amazing 2013.

In just over a week, Tim and I will be in Las Vegas to cover CES, the biggest electronics show on the planet. It happens every year at this time and is a great way to get back in the swing of things. There is a chance that we do some sort of a CES preview, but don’t hold us too tightly to that. Next week, again, is another holiday week.

So in the mean time, feel free to check out episode 10 from last week, if you haven’t already. Subscribe to the show feed, grab us from iTunes, or listen via this post.


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