Report: Motorola and Google are Designing the “X Phone”

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According to a new report out of the Wall Street Journal, Google and Motorola are finally working on their first big project, a “marquee” product known internally as the “X Phone.” The major goal of this phone, clearly, is to create something that can finally rival products from Samsung and Apple, but also try to help bring Motorola back from the dead. With an increasingly shrinking market share, Moto is in desperate need of a big hit. 

Little is known about the phone, but this report suggests that it may have hit some supply chain obstacles already. Moto was potentially looking at flexible displays for this device, along with ceramic materials that would allow the phone to be more stress-resistant, offer different shapes, and new colors. They may have to re-think that strategy a bit.

Other potential focuses include making the camera top notch, taking advantage of Viewdle (a recent acquisition of Motorola’s), and getting the phone out to the world in 2013.

We’ve talked about this in the past, but Google has put together a special team at Motorola whose only goal is to create something mind-blowingly good, new, and never seen before. We would assume that this team is working on the X Phone.

This report also mentioned that Motorola would create an “X Tablet” after the phone is done.

And yep, we’re dying to hear your thoughts.

Via:  WSJ



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