Samsung Sets Drinking Curfew at 9 PM for Korean Workers to Battle Drinking Habits

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Enjoying a drink with your coworkers every now and then might be a casual thing here in the States, but over in Korea the practice is a little more culturally ingrained. Hoesik, which means ‘staff dinner’, is a regular occurrence that involves a fair amount of drinking, but Samsung is looking to make things a little bit stricter. Samsung says that the staff dinners were not excessive, but they have implemented a new rule that restricts their employees from having any of these dinners anytime after 9 pm. 

This new rule also says that you can only have one type of alcohol, to prevent employees from mixing crazy shots and regretting it the next morning. Certainly an interesting set of rules, but in the name of professionalism it makes sense. Hopefully this will make a change for the better that Samsung is hoping for.

Would you apply for a job that limited when you could drink?

Via: WSJ



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