DROID DNA Owners, How’s Your Battery Holding Up?

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There have been many who question HTC’s placement of a 2,020 mAh battery inside of the new DROID DNA. Reviews from all over the web have shown nothing but mixed feelings toward it – some giving it terrible marks, while others gave it rather good ratings, including ours. What reviews sometimes lack is real world¬†experience, which we know we can rely on our community for.¬†

If you are the owner of a DROID DNA, let us know down below if your battery is getting you through a day of activity. If it can withstand a holiday weekend, we are sure it can hold up to anything. Feel free to go into detail on usage and if you would recommend the device to fellow readers. For some, the battery life is essentially the only thing that could hold them back from snatching it up.

Cheers D!



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