Beta Version of Utter! Released to Play Store, Most Powerful Voice Actions App to Date?

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Utter!, a voice actions Android app that we covered months ago, went into beta today, and then entered the Google Play store. While we normally roll our eyes at the never-ending string of Siri knock-off style apps that have come to our favorite mobile platform, Utter! is quite different. It’s creator had one focus – to make Utter! “super functional and fast.” 

After playing with it for a few minutes, the “super functional” part has clearly been nailed. There are more voice actions that can be completed with Utter! than any other app I’ve seen thus far. And trust me, we see them all, even the apps that have paid PR teams to help promote the 6 actions that their app can barely complete.

Utter! has literally hundreds of actions, will address you in a manner that you choose (ex: “Yo, Kellen!”), and has an exhaustive list of “coming soon” features that will surely grab your attention.

To get a feel for Utter!’s power, take a look at the video below.

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