Windows Phone 8 Challenges Android and iOS, Goes After 2-year Old Android Phones to Prove Its Worth

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Windows Phone 8 is official, as are the devices it runs on, so it only makes sense that the marketing campaign for this new mobile OS would kick into high gear. You may remember last year’s Windows Phone marketing campaign called “Smoked by Windows Phone.” Actually, wasn’t there a controversy surrounding that? Indeed there was. This year’s campaign is similar, only the name is a bit more tame as “Meet Your Match.” 

During these spots, “Ben” talks to regular ol’ folks and asks them what type of phone they own and what kinds of activities they do with it. Most say that they take pictures or text or venture into social networks, all of which are right up Windows Phone’s alley for showing off its tricks. Windows Phone is built around performing everyday tasks at ultra-fast speeds, thanks to shortcuts they have pre-built into the OS.

The funny thing about this campaign, is that they aren’t exactly going after the cream of the crop of Android phones. Take the two videos we’ve included for example, where the competition is a 2-year old HTC Inspire 4G and a MyTouch of some sort. Spoiler alert! They couldn’t keep up with the phones built in 2012.

I will say, though, that I do like a lot of what Windows Phone 8 does. In fact, I have a Lumia 822 sitting on my desk now. The UI is beautiful and you can accomplish everyday tasks in seconds.The problem with it that I have (and most of you would as well), is that the app ecosystem is beyond lacking. Think back to 2009 when Android had only a couple of the top apps on iOS. Windows Phone is still stuck in that period, only it’s 2012.

I’m still hoping to get a hold of a Windows Phone 8X at some point and will more than likely do a review of it. This 822 just isn’t worth your time.

Via:  Windows Phone Blog | TechCrunch

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