Verizon Begins Selling 16GB Galaxy Nexus for $50 on 2-year Contract or $499 Full Retail

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The 32GB version of the Galaxy Nexus at Verizon is no more. As of today, the carrier replaced it with a 16GB version that can be had for $50 on 2-year contract or $499 full retail.

Other than the storage change, this is the same phone. We aren’t sure what the reasoning was to change the storage amounts, but if the price sticks around the $50 mark or moves to as low as¬†free, then who are we to complain? Just remember that this phone has no microSD slot for expandable storage, so the 16GB is all you get.

Also remember, that the GSM version that Google sells directly through the Play store, is only $350 at full retail.

Via:  Verizon



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